Dear Cathleen,

​A joy to work with you! Thank you for all of your time and expertise reading our novel, 
Night Train to Paris. We are grateful for your feedback and insights. You've ignited renewed enthusiasm for the project. 
Clydette and Charles de Groot, 3/2021

​I had spent a few years writing and rewriting my memoir.  My process began with a coach, and then an editor, but when it came time to claim my book complete, it just didn't feel right.  I questioned whether there was a strong thread weaving all the chapters together, and whether or not each chapter was compelling and necessary to the story.  I decided to hire Cathleen for an Editorial/Development Analysis.  Cathleen's analysis was spot on.  She provided all the missing pieces I was looking for, from eliminating chapters in question, to strengthening the story line, to weaving the chapters together in a way that flowed.  Now, I am no longer stuck in a whirlwind of doubt, but instead moving forward with confidence.
Trista Haggerty, author of the forthcoming book, When the Dark Mother Calls, 11/2020

​Cathleen was a joy to work with! As a relatively new author, I needed someone who knew the business well, and that I trusted. She edited, corrected, tightened, and sharpened my manuscript with skill and good humor. She was enthusiastic and made me feel she was 100% behind my story, and she was quick to answer emails and questions, so I never felt left out in the cold. Her follow-through to the very last detail in the publication and launch was exemplary. If I can figure out what to write about next, I will get in line for her services. Save me a spot, Cathleen!

Diana Eden, Emmy-Award Winning Costume Designer, Author - 6/2020
I now understand why writers profusely thank their editors in their acknowledgments. Cathleen combined her excellent developmental editing skills with her intuitive ones to turn my book into a manuscript that publishers wanted. I readily got a book deal after our work together.

​Forever grateful.

Paula Petry, PhD, Author, Speaker, Presenter, and Energy Medicine Practitioner – 1/2020
Cathleen O’Connor is a gifted book designer and so much more. While the book’s appearance was skillfully composed, Cathleen also helped me plan out the pre-launch media blitz by incorporating all of the poets who had submitted to the anthology. Furthermore, her notes on technical issues for setting up the book’s hard copy and Kindle versions for publication, promotional material, and other technical aspects of production were clear, concise, and user-friendly. Her inclusive nature, her business acumen, and her good-natured personality all played together in making this project a joy to work on and complete. I highly recommend her services.

Marisa Moks-Unger, Erie County (PA) Poet Laureate (2016-2018) and author/editor of The Picture This Anthology: Poems from Pop Art, Fine Art, and Photography
Cathleen’s wealth of experience in the book publishing world was incredibly comforting, helpful and directive for me as I made my first steps to write and self-publish my book. She offers very clear advice and direction and made what originally felt like a huge mountain of fear; feel like an easy step by step process. I can’t thank Cathleen enough for her help in getting me to where I am now and couldn’t be more grateful for her seasoned experience in this complicated world of self-publishing.

Jo Jayson, Artist and Writer, Self-Love Through the Sacred Feminine (1/2017)


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