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I offer a range of fee-based services to new and seasoned authors, in person, online and on the phone. Each service is specific to the particular needs or stage of your book project. If you are unsure which service you need I offer a free 20 minute consultation to assess how to best help you realize your writing goals. To ask for and schedule a free consultation to determine the right service for your project, just fill out my CONTACT form with the words ‘Consultation Requested’ in the Subject line. If you already know which service you are interested in just use the CONTACT form to request that particular service and I will let you know pricing and next steps.

  • Laser Coaching
  • Developmental Editing
  • Self-Publishing Assistance
  • Marketing Self-Published Books
  • Writing Classes and Workshops

Laser Coaching – 15 Minute Readings for Writers

My 15-minute Intuitive Reading Sessions give you a quick reading of your life situation to move you forward. I use my intuitive gifts and ability to read energy to help you with a specific issue. You decide what you want to focus on – what your top priority is – and in 15 minutes you receive insights and the inspiration to shift.

carline“I would say that your reading was the best $50.00 I ever spent! . . . Processing the experience after is invaluable as it gets me to reflect on what I’ve done, wish to continue and gain continued focus. . . . I would like more coaching from you to help me get out of my own way!”

Carline Napolitano, Writer

These sessions are designed to help you hone in on specific changes you can make that will help you realize your full potential as a writer. Getting an objective third-party view of your situation acts as a sounding board giving you fresh perspective and the motivation to achieve your goals.

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing focuses on the structure, organization and content of your book. It is very much a collaborative process with the goal of helping you get your manuscript ready for final copy-editing and publication or submission to an agent or publishing house.

A developmental editor evaluates and critiques a manuscript and suggests additions, deletions, and revisions. The goal is to make sure your manuscript is well-organized, compelling, clear and consistent for the reading audience. Depending on your project the developmental editing services may include research, rewrites and even line editing. However the final copyediting and proofreading, the final stage before submission, are not part of the developmental editing process.

If you have a book project and need assistance organizing chapters, content and dialogue then developmental editing is your next step in the preparation of a publishable manuscript.

untitled-3“I first met Cathleen at an IWWG conference in a class she taught on the Power of a First Chapter. She stimulated and motivated the class with positivity and skill. After the class I knew I wanted her to be my coach and mentor for my memoir. We now talk monthly and our conversations are taped so I can listen if needed. She understands my vision for my book and helps me implement it with thoughtful ideas and recommendations that make my writing more robust and forceful. She creates a bridge between what I want to share with readers and what will maintain their interest in turning the pages.”

Roberta Kuriloff, Writer


Self-Publishing Assistance

If you want to self-publish your book but don’t know where to begin, which service to use, how much to spend or what you get for your money then it’s time to consult an expert. I’ll help you weigh the options, choose the right path and get you organized with the steps, including setting up your book and author page on amazon. If you are doing a children’s book, I will do the book layout for you exactly as needed by self-publishing platforms. You choose which services you need for your book.

Marketing Self-Published Books

You need an organized and clear marketing launch plan for your self-published book. I will work with you to develop a marketing package, help you enlist co-marketers to broaden your reach and show you how to coordinate a launch day to bring your book to the top of the amazon bestseller category using email and social media.

front-coverCathleen created a promotional package for my book launch that included sample tweets, social media posts and email content. She also developed a launch timeline and showed me how to check on the status of my book’s ranking on amazon on the launch day. What an exciting day it was! My book is off to a great start and I already have re-hired Cathleen to help with my second book in my series!

Virginia Giordano, Educator and Writer


Writing Classes and Workshops

Annual classes in writing, publishing and marketing are held through the International Women’s Writing Guild (IWWG) each summer. Join as a member to be kept informed of the latest regional conferences as well as the annual summer conference at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.

sallyI wanted to thank you for your wonderful class at IWWG…I’m the woman who pulled the “abundance” card.  So many of the things you said spoke directly to me…especially your words about the need to feel carefree.  I actually wrote a chapter of my cozy mystery on Sunday afternoon.  Typically, when the afternoon rolls around, I have myself convinced that I can’t write…that I can only write in the morning.  Well, I’ve now disproved that, and you were right…it didn’t feel like work at all. . . . Thanks again for being such an inspiration.  

Sally Handley, Writer

CONTACT me for more information about any of these services or to request a class or workshop in your local area.