Tips for Romance Writers

If you are a lover of the romance genre and writing your own (or planning to!) then here are some tips to make sure your romance novel has the elements readers seek. You’re lucky in that you’ll be writing in the most popular genre (crime and mystery are second in popularity) with an [...]

Going with the Flow~

What does it mean to go with the flow? Depending on how you think about it the meaning might be positive or negative. It might conjure up an image of someone in touch with the cosmic path of life or someone without a will of his own. Have you had the experience of being in […]

The Power of Your Voice

Something pretty amazing happened this weekend. All around the world women banded together to peacefully protest an election. Whatever your political values or your personal beliefs, this weekend it was hard to look away from the sight of so many voices raised as one. So many women (and men) [...]